Three Dead as Tropical Storm Ophelia Batters Ireland

At least three people have been killed as Tropical Storm Ophelia battered Ireland on Monday.

One of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the northeastern Atlantic hit every corner of Ireland with wind speeds of 190 kilometers per hour recorded at the southernmost tip of the country.

Ophelia knocked down trees and power lines, leaving more than 330,000 homes without power.

About 200 flights from Ireland’s two main airports in Dublin and Shannon were canceled. The airports are expected to reopen Tuesday as cleanup begins.

“There are still dangers out there, but the cleanup has started in some areas and the job of getting the country back to work has begun,” the chairman of Ireland’s National Emergency Coordination Group, Sean Hogan, told a news conference.

Schools across Northern Ireland will remain closed Tuesday to “avoid any potential risk to life for children, young people and staff,” the Education Department said.

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