Moderate Parties in Slovenia Sign Deal to Form Government

Five moderate parties have signed an agreement to form a center-left government in Slovenia, sidelining a right-wing group that won most votes during an inconclusive election in June.

The parties formally signed a coalition deal Wednesday to join a minority government led by Prime Minister-designate Marjan Sarec, a former comedian-turned politician.


The parties together have support from 43 lawmakers in the 90-member assembly, while also enlisting backing from a separate leftist party for a minority government that should take office in mid-September in the European Union nation.


Analysts have predicted that such a government would be unstable.


The June 3 election winner, the anti-immigrant Slovenian Democratic Party of former PM Janez Jansa, had failed to garner support for a ruling coalition in traditionally moderate Slovenia, the home nation of U.S. first lady Melania Trump.



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