Danish Police Find More Remains in Submarine Case

Danish police say divers have found the decapitated head, legs and clothes of a Swedish journalist, who was killed after going on a trip with an inventor on his submarine.


Copenhagen police investigator Jens Moeller Jensen said Saturday that the body parts were found Friday in plastic bags with a knife and heavy metal pieces to make them sink near where Kim Wall’s naked, headless torso was found in August.


Inventor Peter Madsen, who is in pre-trial detention, has said Wall died after being accidentally hit by a heavy hatch in the submarine. But police have said 15 stab wounds were found on the torso found at sea off Copenhagen on Aug. 21. Her arms are still missing. 

The police have charged Danish inventor Peter Madsen with killing Wall, a charge carrying a sentence of five years to and life in prison. He was arrested after his submarine sank and he was rescued.

Wall’s cause of death hasn’t yet been established yet. 


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